What's Dolibarr ? 

Created in 2003 in France, the software Dolibarr is the software open source designed to business management for a compagny. Since its creation, it is constantly evolving: it is now supported by a strong communauté in France and abroad.



The main features you will find with your Dolibarr software are :

  • The business management - ERP
  • monitoring the customer/prospect/supplier relationship  CRM
  • The account management
  • stock management
  • monitor its production (GPAO)
  • human resources management
  • commerciale management in multi compagny
  • the transfer of information with your ecommerce website
  • etc…

Why choose Dolibarr in SaaS mode?

Dolibarr is an open source software which seduces by its modularity and its  ease of use.ndeed, it will offer you a number of features adapted to your needs and your business, unlike the proprietary software that imposes a lot of functions that you will probably not have the use. 

Another advantage is that your solution will be able to follow your evolutionFor example, you start your business alone, and, we hope you do, your company is growing and now has 30 people: it is time to find a solution to manage the absences/attendance of your employees. No need to change your software ! Simply evolve your environment through modules.

By choosing one of our formulas, you will have your a turnkey Dolibarradapted to the needs and specificities of your business.

DoliOnDemand is Cloud DOlibarr in Saas mode by ATM Consulting : Everything is ready to be used! So you can access the software without needing to buy it . Everything is done online, thanks to a browser and your subscription. And you can test all functions 30 days for free

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Open source, what is it?

Définition :

The classification open source applies to software with a licence that respects the criteria established by the l'Open Source Initiative, that is to say the possibility of free redistribution, of access to the source code and by-products.


The advantages of open source :

  • The rate : Open-source solutions are ofen a lower cost than their proprietary counter-parts.

  • The non-dependence: unlike proprietary solutions, there are no dependence on an editor. 

  • Openness: free solutions are systematically more compliant with standards and more open to the addition of add-on modules. This is what makes the modular solution.

  • Sustainability: even if the publisher is one day failing, it will still be possible for the communauty to take control of the solution and its evolutions.

  • The quality : the very large number of deployments, and therefore the feedback, as well as the Community deployment model allows to upgrade the often aging proprietary products.

  • Security: In terms of security, it is necessary to have access to the source code in order to audit what a program actually does. Open source also benefits from peer review, peer validation. That is to say, other experts have been able to validate the strength of the security of a particular open source solution. The greater the number of experts working under an open source solution, the more its code will be exposed to the audit of thousands of experts, thus guaranteeing its security.

And ATM Consuting ?

ATM Consulting is an Dolibarr integrator in the Rhône-Alpes region. For almost 10 years, the company has been supporting its customers by propelling their digital transition with expertise in the Dolibarr ERP/CRM management software.


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