Frequently Asked Questions

General questions

Cloud solution in SaaS mode, that is to say ?
Our solution Doliondemand propose a Dolibarr Cloud in Saas mode. SaaS means Software aa SIt is therefore a software accessible via the internet. With our solution, you have access to the software without having to buy or install it. Everything is done online, thanks to a browser and your subscription! To learn more, consult our dedicated article ! .

Where can I find Dolibarr's documentation ?
Find all the documentation on Dolibarr on our page " First steps with Dolibarr » .

How do I recover my Doliondemand invoices following the payment of my subscription ?
Once in your customer space, in the top menu, click on the “Invoices” link. You should see a list of invoices that have already been paid. If you click on an invoice, you will automatically trigger its download.

Can I pay annually rather than monthly ?
No, the payment is made monthly only.   

Does Dolibarr on Doliondemand comply with the 2016 Finance Law ?
Yesn for the french compagny, Doliondemand is in compliance with this Act. We can provide you with the certificate of compliance. However, it is up to you to determine whether you are eligible or not. You will then have to make the request via the support service in your customer area.

To learn more about the Finance Act, you can refer to this information.

How do I delete my account Doliondemand ?
To delete your account, simply go to your customer aera under my account and click on “delete my account”. Then follow the instructions. Be careful! Your data will then be deleted.

I forgot my password
When you are on our customer aera Click on the button "Forgot Password". You will then be able to reset your password with your username and a secure code transmitted at that time.

Emails sent end up in spam or do not arrive
This means that your email is scanned as spam due to a bad detection. If the problem occurs, you should check that:

  • The sender email corresponds to an existing email address
  • The subject of your mail does not look like the ones we receive in spam (example: «I need you»)
  • The body of your e-mail should be adapted (font, character, etc.)
  •  The attached files do not contain Virus

Where is the data hosted?
Your Dolibarr is hosted in France (software and data) and saved copies are located in Germany. All data therefore remain in the EU.

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus ? Découvrez : 

 Notre procédure de sauvegarde de vos données 

Notre procédure de sécurisation de vos données

How to contact us ?
Si vous êtes déjà utilisateur, vous pouvez nous contacter via le Support dans votre espace client.  Si vous ne l’êtes pas encore, vous pouvez nous contacter via notre formulaire de contact HERE.

Technical questions

I have a Dolibarr backup, how do I restore it to Doliondemand ?
To migrate to Doliondemand, you will need to follow the steps explained HERE. If you need help please contact us for a quote

Where can I buy external modules ?
You can find external module on the Dolistore 

How do I add an external module to my instance ?
Log in to the application and then go to the Home – Configuration – Modules/Applications menu and choose the “Deploy External Module/Application” tab.

Submit the package zip of your module to install. Once the file is submitted, go to the “Installed Modules” tab, you should find your new module there, then click “Activate”. Your module will then be active.

How do I change or add a VAT rate ?
In your Dolibarr, go to the menu Home > Configuration > Dictionary > VAT rates and sales taxes. Fill out the form and click on the “add” button. Your new VAT rate will then appear in your list.

To change the VAT rate that has been set by default for products or services sold/purchased, you will need to go to Home > Module Tools > Mass VAT Update. You will then arrive on a page with two lines: on the 1st, note the old rate and on the second the new, and click on modify. Changes to the sales price of your products will be done automatically.

How to benefit from Dolibarr updates ?
There are two major updates per year of Dolibarr erp-crm. They are not made in systematic ways like many software in order not to disturb the proper functioning of your Dolibarr. To benefit from a new version, you can request it by contacting us via the support tool that you will find in your customer area. Depending on your environment, a quote can be sent to you.

How do I recover my Mysql credentials ?
Go to your Doliondemand Dashboard > Applications Menu and Options > Database tab for that instance. You will find server name, port, base name, login and password.