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Dolibarr ERP-CRM is a project management software for your company, an indispensable organizational support. It simplifies the management of your business thanks to and modern ergonomics. Your activity requires the implementation of a management software that corresponds to it, centralizing the tools necessary for the evolution of your company. Thanks to the modularity of Dolibarr, we can now offer you a solution adapted to your core business and your needs thanks to our offer Training.

Optimise the management of your training center 

AGEFODD is the module for managing a training center. Integrated into Dolibarr environment, it will therefore allow you to create, administer and monitor your different training sessions. This solution will save you time, efficiency and energy by capturing your administrative data. 

You can so centralize your commercial and administrative management on a single software! Our solution allows you to link your business proposal directly to the training session that concerns it. The use of the Agefodd module thus complements Dolibarr by making it possible to manage the administrative and logistical tasks of training sessions, trainers, participants or training places.

What documents are generated with Agefodd ?

Before the training

  • Training programme and agreement
  • Practical modalities (place, meal...)
  • Linked Business Proposal
  • Training Engagement Letter
  • Convening

During the training

  • Attendance sheet
  • Scorecard
  • Chevalet

After the training

  • Course completion certificate
  • Certificate of attendance.
  • Invoice related
  • Certificate


  • Prospecting tracking
  • Follow-up of customer reminders
  • Marketing campaigns
  • Loyalty

What Agefodd does !

Gestion administrative Agefodd

Gestion logistique Agefodd

CRM Agefodd

Our Agefodd module therefore aims to optimize the management of your training center, that is, the processing of the administrative obligations of a training centre, the monitoring of learners, the monitoring of trainers. But also to be able to manage the material and intangible resources that a training centre must make available to ensure the best quality of the training it offers.

It also allows the creation of a training catalogue, their sessions. It also manages third parties associated with a training session (trainers and trainees) and their status (confirmed, present, etc.), training locations and schedules. The module thus generates the necessary documents throughout the preparation. Ranging from training programs, to the convention, convocation, mission letter or attendance sheets and training certificate.

Agefodd provides administrative assistance by presenting the list of training tasks and their status. Dictionaries are customizable to adapt Agefodd to the required use.

Thanks to software extensions developed in 2018, such as the training portal or session time planner, the software increases the efficiency of the company’s resources.

Avec Dolibarr and our specialized solution for training centers, so you centralize all the important and necessary information to establish the various documents, from the training program to the generation of the Educational and financial review (BPF - in French).


With our solution Dolibarr Cloud in Saas mode optimize the complete management of your training center


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The following Dolibarr modules are included in this offer :

Agefodd,  Avanced dictionnariesConcat PDF, Fast upload, Fil d’ariane, Full calendar, Historique de navigation, Historique proposition commerciale, Listes en CSV, Legales notices, Notes prédéfinies, Pièces-jointes d’e-mails, Post-it, Prix client rapide, Recherche avancée de produits, Sirene, Sous-total, Split propale